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Giving Back To The Community


At the North Prospect Community Choir we have been so fortunate to be greatly supported by many businesses, grass-roots projects and the community that we want to give something back. Are you a member of staff in a care home? A person who has a family member or friend in a care home? If so, we would like to speak to you. In the coming months we would like to provide a free concert for your residents. If this is interest to you, send us a message via our contact page.

Our Next Rehearsal


Our first rehearsal for the Christmas term is on Monday 2nd September at Mayflower Community Academy. Rehearsal will begin at 7:15PM and finish at 9:30PM. All are welcome to join us as we begin to craft a fun-filled Christmas concert. Remember, if this is your first rehearsal then it's absolutely FREE

Dr. Adrian Hull: Our Composer in Residence


Over the last few months, David and Ryan have been working closely with composer Dr. Adrian Hull to create our flagship project, 'Sounds of The Ocean City'. This project has been supported and funded by Vital Sparks and the Mayflower 400 Community Sparks fund.

This project aims to create a composition that encompasses the sounds and songs of living in Britain's Ocean City.

NPCC Granted Vital Sparks Bursary


In November 2019 Plymouth will join wider national and international partners for a year-long commemoration of the Mayflower’s journey from the UK to America.

Mayflower 400 Community Sparks supports grass-roots community, arts and cultural activity. The North Prospect Community Choir is proud to announce that it has received a £4000 bursary and is currently creating an incredibly special project to benefit its members and the wider community.